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Uniform 2022-2023

As we all know from experience and articles in the press, the cost of school uniform is always a hot topic, especially when you have to buy for multiple children and often across multiple schools. With this in mind, we have decided to simplify our uniform to make it as straightforward and cost effective as possible.

When considering this change, we have researched the cost of uniform across our local supermarkets (Aldi, Asda & Tesco) and have given an idea of the costs below.

Uniform will be as follows:

  • Grey Skirt or Pinafore (from £5.00 for a pack of 2)
  • Grey Trousers (from £6.00 for a pack of 2)
  • White Polo Shirt (not shirts) (from £2.50 for a pack of 2)
  • Navy Blue Jumper (logo jumpers available from the school office)
  • Navy Blue Cardigan (logo cardigans available from the school office)
  • Plain Black Girls Shoes (from £6.99)
  • Plain Black Boys Shoes (from £6.99)

P.E. Kit will be as follows:

  • Black Shorts (from £3.00 for a pack of 2)
  • Plain White Round Neck T-Shirt - without Logo (from £2.00 for a pack of 2)
  • Plain Black Plimsolls/Trainers (from £2.50)

Swimming Kit

  • Costume or trunks (no baggy shorts)
  • Towel
  • Swimming cap


  • No jewellery except small stud ear rings


We will still be selling the School Book Bags for £4.00 each and the School P.E. Bags for £3.50 each if you wish to purchase them.


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