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Inspection & Performance

Inspection & Performance

Ofsted Inspection 28th June 2022

Please see a summary of strengths and key actions for the school below following our recent inspection. Follow the link for our full report.


  • Senior leaders, including the new headteacher, have made a positive start in strengthening how the curriculum is organised at Peel Hall Primary School.
  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Leaders know and understand pupils and their families well. They successfully identify any pupils who are potentially vulnerable or who may be at risk of harm.
  • Leaders have improved how they identify pupils with SEND. This means that pupils’ additional needs are identified earlier than they were previously. Leaders are working more closely with external agencies to support pupils with SEND. They use this information with increasing accuracy.
  • Pupils are confident that teachers sort out any incidents of bullying when they happen.
  • Staff greet pupils with a warm smile as they arrive each day.
  • Pupils chat happily to their friends on their way to their classrooms. They have excellent relationships with their teachers.
  • Pupils are eager to take part in many sporting competitions. They are proud of their recent victory in the Greater Manchester Tri-Golf competition.
  • Pupils attend a range of extra-curricular clubs. These include the choir, mathematics
    clubs and a wide range of sports. These activities help pupils to develop their talents
    and interests.
  • Pupils understand some of the fundamental British values. They see democracy in
    action when they vote for pupil ambassadors. Pupils know how leaders expect them
    to behave. They can name the Peel Principles.


  1. Leaders should ensure that the curriculum is carefully ordered in all subjects, including in the early years, so that all children and pupils, including those with SEND, retain the knowledge that they need to be successful in the next stages of their education.
  2. Curriculum leaders should support teachers to deliver the curriculum effectively and use assessment information accurately to identify and address pupils’ misunderstandings.
  3. Leaders must ensure that all staff are fully trained in the phonics programme and that they know how to assess children’s and pupils’ phonic knowledge.
  4. Leaders must ensure that all staff have consistently high expectations of pupils’ behaviour around school and in lessons.
  5. Leaders should ensure that pupils remember the important learning about tolerance and respect that underpins the personal development curriculum
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