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Learning at Home

Learning at Home


Learning at home, or homework, refers to a task or group of tasks that are set by the teacher to be completed at home by the child. The main objective of this is to increase knowledge and improve skills. It may be designed to reinforce what children have already learned, prepare them for upcoming lessons, or to integrate their abilities by applying many different skills to a single task. Homework provides an opportunity for parents to participate in their children's education.

We use a 'Homework Schedule' which lasts a half term and the amount of time spent on homework each week is dependent on the child. This is done deliberately and we believe this results in improved time management and organisational skills, which are an essential skill we want to develop at Peel Hall.

What is the 'Homework Schedule'?

Every class from Reception to year 6 have a termly 'Homework Schedule'. On the 'Homework Schedule' there are a selection of activities the children can do that support their learning and that require different amounts of time and effort. Some activities are repeated each half term such as:

  • Reading to an adult
  • Number bond/times table practice
  • Spelling practice

Other activities will change depending on the curriculum being taught. Tasks set are engaging, challenging and enjoyable.

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