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Online Safety

Online Safety

Peel Hall Online Safety guide

In addition to our E-safety Policy, available in the links & downloads section of this page.

To provide the relevant skills and knowledge to safeguard children effectively, ALL staff receive regular safeguarding training and child protection updates, including online safety (for example, via email, e-bulletins, staff meetings) as required, and at least annually ALL staff attend a fully updated safeguarding training session.

Parents/Carers Information

The internet can be a very productive and advantageous tool in your child’s education. However, without the correct supervision and restrictions, the internet could also expose your children to threats such as cyber bullying, online grooming and misinformation. There are numerous measures that a parent or carer can take in order to make sure your children are safe on the internet.

Device Settings and Parental Controls

There are numerous methods of restricting a device to make them more suitable and safer for use by children.

Talk regularly with your child

As a parent/carer it is crucial to stay informed on how they are using the internet and to be aware of any potential threats to your child. Not only will this help you keep track of how your child is using the internet but it will also encourage your child to feel confident in discussing issues and concerns they may have related to the online world.

Peer pressure

Trends and viral challenges can be tempting for children to partake in irrespective of the potentially dangerous repercussions. It’s important to reinforce to your children that they should not succumb to social/peer pressure and that they should not partake in any activities which they do not feel comfortable doing.

Vet content

The internet can sometimes contain misleading titles or other information to entice a larger audience. This could potentially entice children into viewing inappropriate content unknowingly. For this reason it is advised that parents/carers check age ratings for apps or visit websites before allowing your child access into them.

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