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Peel Hall Primary School Peel Hall Primary School

School Council

Who are the School Council?

The School Council is an elected group of children who represent the classes from Year 3 to Year 6. Prospective candidates create a manifesto, which they talk through with their class mates. An election is then held in September, children complete ballot papers and place them in a ballot box. Votes are counted and the boy and girl in each class with the most votes are elected as their class Representatives, the boy and girl with the next most votes are elected as Deputy Representatives. The councillors have one school year in office.

At the start of the year the School Council meet to discuss and agree rules of conduct and also to vote for their Secretary and their Chairperson.  This year our Chairperson is Sean Reilly and our vice chairperson is Kade McAlpine. Our Secretary is Olivia Madsen and our Vice secretary is Kendal Williamson.

Year 3C Represtatives: Roberto Garcia and Tilly Reilly.

Year 3C Deputy Representatives: Caitlin Norris and Rhys Ogden.

Year 3H Representatives: Casper Sutton and Rubie Ward.

Year 3H Deputy Representatives: Freyja Bo and Aman Panchoo.

Year 4P Representatives: Teegan Rowlands and Corley Flecther.

Year 4P Deputy Representatives: Jacob Hodgekiss and Erin Oyinloye.

Year 4F Representatives: Ryan Daly Quinn and Fracesca Bojuwoya.

Year 4F Deputy Representatives: Anthony O'Donnell .

Year 5 Representatives: Lucas Edwards and Caitlin Kaylor.

Year 5 Deputy Representatives:Kevin Nkurunziza and Ally Grech.

Year 6A representatives: Sean Reilly and Kendal Williamson.

Year 6A Deputy Representative: OLivia Madsen and Kade McAlpine.

Year 6T representatives: Chaise Sutton and Bobby Piggott.

Year 6T Deputy Representatives: Kelsey Ward and Matthew Hinks.




What does the School Council do?

The School Council meets every fortnight to discuss issues raised by children at class meeting held by the school Councillors. The Secretary takes minutes of these meetings and shares them with the rest of the school council.  The class representatives then give feedback to their classmates on the points that have been discussed and any agreed actions.

Last year the School Council helped to make improvements to our playgrounds and this year they have had the opportunity to take part in the interview process for a new Deputy Headteacher.  At the moment we are working on ideas for a fund raising event to help us raise money for our school funds.  The School Council also works hard to organise the end of year talent show!

What makes a good School Councillor?

A school councilor has to be responsible and a good listener.  They have to set a good example to the rest of the school, as well as have an interest in improving things.  It is a very responsible role to have!


Eco Council

Who are the Eco Council?

Each class from years 2 to 6 have a boy and a girl Eco Councillor who usually have the responsibility of being deputy School Councillors. However, this year there are a couple of exceptions!

What does the Eco Council do?

The Eco Council meet every fortnight to discuss ways of making our school ‘greener’.  An audit was carried out by the Eco Councillors and now each representative is responsible for making sure that lights and Smartboards are switched off in their classrooms.

The Eco Council has organised for the whole school to take part in Switch Off Fortnight where the focus was making sure anything electrical that wasn’t being used was switched off and, more recently, Waste Week where an initiative was introduced to recycle the hundreds of plastic milk bottles that are used every week.

As part of Waste Week the Eco Council organised a collection of old clothes and over 600 kg of clothing was collected.  The Eco Council will then use these points to choose new Science equipment for our school.

What makes a good Eco Councillor?

An Eco Councillor has to be responsible, a good listener and interested in making our environment a better place.